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About Us
Three generations live at Moylinny Farm. Aurora “Tewky” Reford, Dave Reford and Stephanie Sitzberger, and Elsie and Lucie Reford.Tewky Reford is an octogenarian who still plants, weeds and harvests her vegetable and flower gardens each growing season. In the fall, she can be found raking up the many acres of maple leaves, and in winter, Tewky marches around the farm with ski poles to steady her. READ MORE ABOUT US

Placing an Order
To place an order for Reford Beef, set up an appointment, visit the farm, or if you have any questions not answered by the information contained in this site, please contact us. PLACE AN ORDER HERE


Our Animals
Moylinny Farm raises Hereford cattle.
Hereford are an ancient English breed from Herefordshire, known for their distinctive red colouring, white faces, and interesting horns.

Q: How do I pay for my meat?
Q: What is a side of beef?
Q: What's “hanging weight”?

Cuts of Beef
The cut sheet shows the types of cuts that can come from each section of your animal, and you choose how you want your meat cut. All our meat is wrapped and labeled. LARGER CHART


The Farm
Moylinny Farm is situated directly adjacent to Gatineau Park, a 361 square kilometre refuge for hundreds of species of birds, mammals and plants. MORE

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