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About Us
Three generations live at Moylinny Farm.  Aurora “Tewky” Reford, Dave Reford and Stephanie Sitzberger, and Elsie and Lucie Reford.

Tewky Reford is an octogenarian who still plants, weeds and harvests her vegetable and flower gardens each growing season.  In the fall, she can be found raking up the many acres of maple leaves, and in winter, Tewky marches around the farm with ski poles to steady her.  Originally from Alberta, Tewky has lived at Moylinny Farm since 1970, when she and her husband Michael bought the farm.  The farm was purchased from George Hetherington, whose family homesteaded here and created the orchards and pastures.  Tewky remains young and active by keeping up with her 8 grandchildren, two of whom have the privilege of living at the farm.

Dave Reford is the youngest of four brothers.  Dave graduated from University of Toronto in 1989 with a BSc in Geology.  He worked in Calgary’s oil patch for 2 years before returning to the farm in 1991 to pursue more artistic interests in metal sculpture, wood working, land art, photography and music.  As his father aged, Dave took on more responsibilities with day-to-day farm operations and management.  When his father passed away in 2005, a transfer of the farm to Dave had already been initiated.  Dave now finds ways to squeeze his artistic pursuits into his daily farming routines, by creating sculpture and other art from the land he works.

Stephanie Sitzberger is Dave’s wife.  She met Dave in 1987 while visiting a friend in Toronto.  After that meeting, she transferred from UCLA to U of T, finished her degree in Philosophy, and eventually wound up at the farm in 1995.  Stephanie was a horse crazy kid and had her own horses and ponies until a riding accident left her hospitalized as a teenager.  She rekindled her love of horses after moving to the farm and now has a small horse breeding business.  Stephanie trains her horses in dressage and competes at local shows when time permits.

Elsie and Lucie Reford are Dave and Stephanie’s children.  Elsie was born in 1999 and Lucie in 2002.  The girls love animals and have many, including dogs, a cat, ponies and of course, the cattle.  They enjoy sledding and cross-country skiing at the farm in winter, and frog hunting and swimming in summer.  They are extremely helpful on the farm, even if they are not always super keen to do chores.

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